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Downhole Instrumentation

New Age Oilfield Services Inc. has been part of the growing Oil Sands Development over the past several years and is involved in many ongoing SAGD projects providing and installing Downhole Temperature and Pressure Sensors.



New Age Oilfield manufactures its own Downhole Thermocouple in Calgary. Our sensors are built from multiple lengths of type K Mineral Insulated Cables (316SSL) spliced together. Mi cable has a high mechanical durability, has good accuracy and repeatability, and is a proven technology.
We have supplied our downhole thermocouples for many different applications in the SAGD operation. We manufacture simplex and duplex T/C strings and incorporate the T/C lines inside coils for horizontal well pairs. We build various sizes of encapsulated thermocouple combo T/C bundles for free-hanging Observation Wells. Each of these systems comes complete with all necessary fittings and assemblies to complete the project.
We are committed to providing high quality sensors and our quality program ensures that our manufactured sensors comply with industry quality standards. We also offer in-house testing, troubleshooting and repairs of damaged thermocouples.


New Age Oilfield carries a large inventory of capillary line/bubble tube for downhole pressure measurement. Bubble tubes are spooled to length in our shop and are supplied with our Bottom Hole Burst Disc Assembly and surface pack-off fittings. Bubble tube systems are rugged and reliable and will withstand harsh downhole conditions. Vibrating wire piezometers are an alternative solution for pressure measurement that we also supply. These systems are typically cemented in place on the outside of the casing, each gauge provides a pressure and temperature measurement.

Surface Equipment / Fittings

New Age Oilfield has an excellent working relationship with Dycor Technologies. We offer turnkey packages for observation wells data requisition systems. The panels are equipped with pre-programmed data loggers, radio, cellular or satellite communication and are solar powered. We work collaboratively to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality systems at a highly competitive price and on-time delivery.
Our unique free hanging pack-off system for observation is rated to 2000 psi at 250 deg Celsius. We also offer our own pack-off fittings for single or multi lines applications which are all pressure and temperature rated.


New Age Oilfield offers different spooling equipment for the deployment of Downhole Instrumentation. Our applications include but are not limited to, pump down, tubing conveyed (banded or clamped) and gravity installations into observation wells. Our experienced field technicians provide in field splicing services which includes lead termination, Mi cable to Mi cable repairs and troubleshooting. They have the knowledge and expertise to set up and commission our surface equipment. When we leave site the job is fully completed, no need for a third party to come in.

  • Installation and removal of Thermocouple & Pressure Sensors for SAGD Temperature/Pressure Monitoring.
  • Remote well applications with Heli-portable or All-Terrain Units.
  • Onsite Thermocouple Servicing, Troubleshooting & Repair.

At New Age Oilfield Services Inc. we are always looking for innovative ways to support our customer's complex applications.


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Downhole Instrumentation
Downhole Instrumentation
Downhole Instrumentation
Downhole Instrumentation
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