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Introduction to Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical Injection Systems alleviate specific downhole problems efficiently with minimal operating costs by injecting chemical at a controlled rate, directly to the source of the problem. In the past, companies have utilized downhole chemicals by batching down the casing or continuous backside injection, which can be an expensive, wasteful process and not as effective. When a proper Chemical Injection System is utilized with an Artificial Lift System, such as ESPs and PCPs, it can offer a reliable and economical solution to our clients’ downhole issues. Chemical Injection Lines are a company’s asset and can be re-used multiple times and moved to different wells.  

We have supplied Chemical Injection Systems for many different applications and have successfully improved the rate of production for our customers.

Uses of capillary string for chemical injection:

  • Oil and Gas Wells for paraffin, scale and asphaltenes build up
  • Corrosion inhibitors routed to the base of an artificial lift pump to prevent corrosion issues
  • Scale reduction in Coal Bed Methane or Water Well Projects
  • H2S scavenger injected downhole to sweeten a well to meet pipeline specifications
  • Deep producing Gas Wells that experience internal ice plugs

By accurately injecting chemical down a capillary string to the root of the problem, you will reduce your chemical consumption by roughly 80% versus batching down the casing or continuous backside injection, you will increase the life expectancy of your Artificial Lift Equipment and you will maximize production, therefore reducing your lifting costs at the wellhead.

New Age Oilfield provides its clients expertize by selecting the proper alloy for the string and the best suitable downhole components for each specific application. New Age has detailed procedures and equipment in place for pressure testing capillary lines and related component supplied such as injection subs, check valves and surface filtration packages, for integrity. All tests are recorded as a computerized graph print out showing time vs pressure, this documentation is provided to the customer.

During installation, New Age also pressures test each component prior to running in the hole; the capillary line is installed into the well pressurized using our burst disc assembly; once landed the system is again pressure tested for a final integrity check, capillary line is then pressured up until burst disc ruptures allowing downhole well communication for chemical.

Capillary & Pressure Testing Services

  • Specializing in the installation and removal of complete Downhole Chemical Injection and Downhole Instrumentation Systems 
  • Purging & Pressure Testing Capillary Line & Bottom Hole Assemblies*, up to 10,000 P.S.I w/pressure test graph computer printout
  • Custom Spooling & Capillary Tubing Orbital Welding
  • Qualified technicians available for Installation & Removal of Banding & Cannon Clamps for any application


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Chemical Injection Line Installation
Chemical Injection Line Installation
Pressure Test Report
Pressure Test Report
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